Why you should join us at NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference 2019

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Next year NACUE is turning 10! This is a big milestone for us and for this simple reason we will be adding in a twist to our various incentives in 2019, including at our Flagship event The Student Enterprise Conference. The theme of the conference will be:

Empowering the next generation of changemakers

In a world where young entrepreneurs are crucial to growing the economy, society needs individuals that possess change making qualities: Empathy, Leadership, Teamwork and Collaborative Problem-Solving skills. Without the evolution of changemaker skills, individuals fall behind in unleashing their creative ideas and leadership skills.

Check out these 3 cool reasons as to why you shouldn’t miss out on Europe’s Biggest Student Enterprise Conference (#SEC2019):

Mick Jackson, Founder of WildHearts (Saturday Opening Keynote Speaker). Mick founded the WildHearts Group with one goal in mind; to alleviate poverty through ‘compassionate entrepreneurship’. WildHearts is a global B2B social enterprise committed to launching companies that combat social and economic injustice. They tackle issues both at home and abroad; from helping young people across the UK develop business and employability skills through to their multi award-winning education programme, Micro-Tyco, to funding micro-loans for poor entrepreneurs in developing countries and empowering them to work their way out of poverty.

Robert Forkan, Co-Founder of Gandys (Saturday closing Keynote speaker)
Having narrowly survived the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, Robert, together with his brother Paul, wanted to ‘start something with real purpose’. Inspired by losing their parents in the horrific tragedy of the Tsunami, the brothers saved up enough money to start ‘Gandys’, which sells flip flops. A percentage of the sales profits helps to build orphanages, through its charity the Gandys Foundation. Read on to find out more about Robert and Paul and their amazing journey here.

Jonas Templestein, Co-Founder of Monzo (Sunday Closing Keynote speaker)
Monzo Bank is a UK start up that is causing a stir in the banking industry. With no physical branches it exists purely through the Monzo iOS and Android smartphone apps. With innovative features like instant balance updates, budgeting and live in-app customer service, the buzz around Monzo seems unstoppable. Jonas served as the Chief Technology Officer for the first few years of Monzo. During this time, he grew the team from a small handful of engineers to over 100.

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Do you have an innovative business idea? Does your business combat an environmental or social issue? Do you know what the Sustainable Development Goals are?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you have everything it takes to enter NACUE’s Pitching Battle Competition at the Student Enterprise Conference!

The winner will be fast-tracked to the semi-finals of the 2019 Varsity Pitch Competition, granting them an opportunity to win £10,000 towards their Business Idea! In addition, the winner will receive a congratulatory medal, mentoring from NACUE and social media promotions! For more information click here.

James Buckley-Throp Founder of Rupert & Buckley
James started his company with around 600 pair of socks produced in his dorm room, turning this from £40 into a £3million company. James will be sharing some hints and tips on how to create an investible business. Read on to find out about James’ experience here

We are sure that all the above has made you even more eager to join us at NACUE’s 10th Annual Student Enterprise Conference at the University of Kent, Canterbury on 23rd — 24th February 2019.

Keep your eyes glued to our social media pages @nacue as we continue to reveal more changemakers that will be joining us at #SEC2019.

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