The benefits of joining NACUE’s Society Network

Let us begin with a quote by a Damian Kysely who shared “[…] my involvement in the entrepreneurship society Manchester Entrepreneurs was pivotal in preparing me to answer the simplest and yet the hardest question: ‘Why did I start my own business?”

We are delighted you are interested in hearing more about joining our network to excel the impact of your ‘Enterprise society’…

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As 2019 celebrates our 10th anniversary — yes, that’s right — 10 years of championing and celebrating student enterprise and entrepreneurship across the UK and beyond. As part of our celebrations, we wanted to take the time to reflect on the developments of the eco-system and most importantly re-evaluate the need to support ambitious young people acting as catalysts for change across their campuses.

Whilst it is clearly apparent that ambitious individuals are ‘Powering the Enterprising Generation’ across the UK, we believed that still there is more that can be done to support, foster and enhance the development of student enterprise in many forms.

We understand the importance in providing students with a platform to be experimental, within a safe space and believe that all students should have the chance to engage in unique opportunities, supporting them to develop the skills they require to be successful in the future.

Enterprise Societies are pivotal in this, honouring and championing the success of young people, as well as acting as leaders within their educational institutions, building relationships with local businesses, developing partnerships with university faculties and most importantly, acting as catalysts and ambassadors for peer-to-peer engagement.

As part of our reminiscing, we have taken the opportunity to reach out to some of our amazing alumni, we call them our ‘Unsung heroes’ as to how the impact being involved in their societies had on their student experience and future careers. Former president of Fish On Toast, Xavier Parkerhouse-Parker said ‘going from being a President…to being a President of a company wasn’t a huge jump for me. The society really prepared me and developed the skillset I needed’. Full article here.

We want to provide more societies the opportunity to ‘unlock their potential’ as quote by Robert Sisson who talks about his involved in the Business & Enterprise Society at the University of Sunderland. As a result, we are welcoming submissions from Enterprise Societies across the UK to apply for a complimentary ‘Society Membership programme’ (Usually £99) as funded by our amazing sponsors and supporters.

Want to become a NACUE’s Society Member?

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We are on our look out for ‘active’ student-led enterprise societies, with a can-do attitude, those with passion and purpose for real-life projects, working tirelessly to support others, and most importanly to give back to their communities. In exchange for a 1 year funded ‘Society Membership’ offering…

If that’s you, we’re excited to receive your application for a funded ‘Society Membership’ and we can’t wait to hear how you are driving positive change in your community.

To apply, please hit the button below and complete the form. The application is not meant to be difficult, but it’s designed to give you the opportunity to present you, your student-led enterprise society and its activities as honestly and opennly as possible.

If you’re selected to become a member, you must be able to contribute to NACUE’s network through the following three fundamental pillars by getting involved and sharing activities of your choice:

People | Stories — contribute to CO-CREATORS, share stories of aspiring entrepreneurs, or exchange knowledge by preparing blog articles, interviews or vlogs.

Purpose | Community — transfer your knowledge and give back to the community, by mentoring and providing guidance to other society presidents and teams going forward.

Places | Events — 1) showcase your society achievements and collaboration initiatives, you are actively involved, 2) create campaign that tackles social or global problem and drives positive impact within your community and beyond; 3) have an opportunity to run a session at NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference.

Your funded one-year Society Membership will be reviews annually, depending on your society engagement and contribution to the three pillars above.

Apply now!

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