Tata #VP2022 Application Top Tips

3 min readJul 28, 2022

With entries for this year’s Tata Varsity Pitch Competition opening right around the corner, now’s the time to get your application ready for when #VP2022 goes LIVE on August 3rd.

To help you nail your application, we spoke to last year’s finalists to get their insights on what made them successful when submitting their video pitches, going to the Semi-Finals, and representing their category in the Grand Final.

Read their top tips below!

#1: Be Problem Focused

HydroGrow, Finalists in the Ideas Category, shared the importance of being problem focused.

“Deal with a problem that needs to be fixed — whilst a solution may be great, is it really needed now?”

When building your business, be clear on what problem you’re trying to solve. This ensures you are addressing a gap in the market and are building a solution that customers need.

#2: Why YOU?

One of the key questions to answer in your pitch. Drill Surgeries, Finalist in the Disruptive Business Category, highlighted why it is critical to demonstrate what makes you the best person to build this business.

Building a successful startup is not something you learn just from books. You need to create your own approach — a personal touch that will drive the attention towards you. What can you do differently in your strategy to keep the spotlight on your work and your passion?”

While ideas are great, startups are built by the team. So show us who is building your innovation!

Last Year’s Tata Varsity Pitch Finalists

#3: Meet the Judging Criteria

“Pay attention to the judging criteria when preparing your pitch and make sure that you hit every mark!”

Another top tip from Beautiful Voice, last year’s finalist in the Digital & Technical category.

There are three criteria (Innovation, Market Opportunity and Financial Viability) the judges will be looking for in your #VP2022 application, so make sure you explain how you meet these in your 60-second video pitch.

#VP2022 Judging Criteria

#4: Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

Every startup founder goes through challenging times. But embrace them, these are opportunities for learning and growth.

“Do not dwell on short-term results. Give your 100% for a couple of years and then the results will start to flood in on their own.”

Says PhenUtest, Finalist in the Genuine Innovation.

This was echoed by The Washing Machine Project, Finalist in the Social Impact Category and Winner of #VP2021.

“Start early and don’t worry about failure. Grow your network and keep turning up!”

Even if you’ve previously entered Tata Varsity Pitch Competition and didn’t make it to the Final, try again! #VP2021 was The Washing Machine Project’s 3rd time entering before taking home the Title.

#5: Go For It!

And lastly,

“Just start! It can be daunting to start something when you have so many questions but that is part of the fun! There’s plenty of help along the way.”

We 1000% agree with RIIVAL, last year’s Online People’s Vote Winner. Even if the process seems daunting, give it your all and see what happens. If anything, it’s a great learning opportunity. And you never know, you could be this year’s Tata Varsity Pitch Competition winner!

Tata Varsity Pitch, powered by NACUE, is the UK’s leading pitch competition for student and recent graduate entrepreneurs. Finalists get access to an impressive line-up of mentors, participation in a 2-day skills bootcamp, guaranteed pitching feedback and a chance to win the National Title and £15,000 to launch their businesses.

Apply here from August 3rd.