Tata Varsity Pitch Competition #VP2020 Applicants FAQs

On Tuesday the 11th of August, NACUE hosted a Q&A Webinar session the Tata Varsity Pitch Competition #VP2020.

It gave potential applicants the opportunity to clear up any burning questions they had, whilst also being able to receive advice from Tata.

Below is a summary of the answers shared.

Are there categories that are less popular?

It’s not so much about which categories are more or less popular but rather which are most relevant. For example, if you apply to a category that’s not relevant then you’re not going to get through anyway. If you are unsure about what categories best suit your business, please contact events@nacue.com.

Given that it’s a short video, do you think it’s better to elaborate more on design or traction?

It really depends on what your idea is, we want to see your design. Make sure to explain the gap in the market you’re filling but anything on traction is valuable.

Does “uniqueness” refer to the pitch or the video?
(This question is in reference to the judging criteria for #VP2020 where pitches are marked on their Concept, Problem & Uniqueness)

We’re not concerned with the quality of the video pitch, you can film it in your bedroom on your smartphone. We’re judging the quality of your content, not the video quality.

Does the competition offer any support or mentorship?

Yes! We offer a 2-day bootcamp for the shortlisted finalists and, if you make the most of it, quite often mentors and speakers will be happy to exchange contact details. After the competition, Tata will stay in touch as much as you want. Any updates about your business, we always welcome you dropping us a note at events@nacue.com, so we can try and support you where we can.

Will the events, the bootcamp and the final, be online?

The Grand Final at the moment we are planning to be a hybrid event so the judges and finalists to be present in one physical place, with the audience will be virtual. For those who won’t be able to join us or don’t feel comfortable doing so, there will be provisions made.

It’s worth noting though that this plan is based on current government guidelines and will change in line with them.

Does my business need to be for a UK market?

No, the competition allows for you to launch your business internationally so long as you attend a UK university or college or have graduated from a UK university or college no earlier than 2015.

Final Tips from Tata:

We understand that you are probably applying to other competitions, but please make sure your video pitch doesn’t include the name of another competition.

Be mindful of your sound quality, we want to hear you!

The judges will only look at the video so put your products in the video!

Applications for the Tata Varsity Pitch Competition #VP2020, as powered by NACUE, will close at noon on Friday August 28th 2020.

Please find all information on the NACUE website, or click here.

Good Luck!

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