#Celebrating10: Peter Bailey

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Peter Bailey is currently the Senior Project manager for myDentist, Europe’s largest dental care provider. He has pursued small ventures, consulted for several companies and now works to develop new business lines for the company and to resolve any challenges that arise.

He attended Loughborough University where he was a part of the Enactus Loughborough team. He traces back to the beginning of when his interest in enterprise and entrepreneurship first started.

“Prior to university I was involved in young enterprise at school and then again in college. Both times I ended up leading the team and really enjoyed the experience. Since then I have had a fascination with entrepreneurship and leadership in all its forms and have spent a considerable amount of time reading autobiographies of various individuals with entrepreneurial traits.”

Reflecting on his time with the Enactus Loughborough team he says, “During the two years I spent on the team, I really committed myself into the team, applying, testing and pushing theories I was learning in my degree, into the real world. For me Enactus was always about doing something meaningful and creating a lasting impact and legacy. Going back to the university and looking online today, I am still humbled to see the legacy of the number of projects that the team setup whilst I was there.”

Speaking about the support received from NACUE, Peter says,

“NACUE in its founding was a collection of like-minded individuals who all wanted to transform enterprise education in the UK. Therefore, to me, the learning I gained from that network over the years and continuing still today, has been invaluable. The research projects that NACUE undertook over the years has also been fascinating in providing tested theory back to the sector. The networking events, access to speakers, connections to continue to support my development.”

His advice for the next enterprising generation:

“Get going! Read ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ Network and connect with like-minded people including alumni. Don’t be afraid to rip apart and adapt concepts. But ultimately, less talking about what you are going to, plan to, are thinking about doing and more on what you have done!”

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