How to shoot a good 60-second video pitch using your smart phone

Hamish McLaren is a young entrepreneur in Australia, with experience in extensive travel and photography.

Most smartphones these days are amazing pieces of technology that surpass even professional cameras from the 1980s and earlier. However, all of that tech doesn’t mean a whole lot if you can’t make it work for you. Luckily today’s smartphones are also easier to use than ever, and you can turn out a video that looks practically professional with only a little practice and some tech tips.

Plan a Script

Flip It to Film It

Get Good Light

Stabilise Your Smartphone

Remember, no matter what you’re filming or why you’re filming it the most important aspect of your camera is who is behind it. Planning, practice, and patience, along with these tips, can help you make sure that your next video gets your message across as you intended it.

Author: Hamish McLaren

Twitter: @HamishMcLaren5

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