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Twipes, was started by Ellenor Mcintosh and Al Bozorgi, with the idea of making the world’s first truly flushable and biodegradable wet wipe. Across the world, pipes in outdated sewer systems are frequently blocked by “flushable” items, including wet wipes. This creates both environmental and civil issues for communities that in turn, Twipes looks to solve. Elle better explained this, “Basically the word flushable itself doesn’t really have any terminology behind it. If you can flush your phone and it goes down the U-bend, it’s a flushable phone, it is that ridiculous.” Elle’s background in science, in conjunction with Al’s business experience, led to the creation of Twipes to solve this environmental problem through completely biodegradable, water dispersible and truly flushable wet wipes.

In 2017, Twipes made it all the way to the finals of Varsity Pitch. Ellenor agreed that the mentorship aspect of Varsity Pitch made it unique, when compared to other entrepreneurial competitions that Twipes had taken part in. In addition to this, she touched on the environment NACUE creates through Varsity Pitch, “There’s a networking aspect in a sense that you are around like-minded people. It’s more than just being around entrepreneurs, it’s entrepreneurs that want to make a difference.”

“I would absolutely recommend it to other people. I think it’s an experience everyone should have, especially the 2 minute pitch…[at the finals] the mentorship part of it is really interesting, and just to meet likeminded people and to get that validation and to hear that your idea is really good, and that it works, and that it makes sense to people, is so rewarding in itself. So yeah, I would absolutely recommend it.”

In the future Twipes’ end goal is the license their technology. Elle explained that there are applications of their product that nobody at Twipes had previously thought of, such as in gyms, festivals, and the list goes on. Twipes also hopes to eventually expand into water disposable feminine hygiene products and nappies. Twipes’ proven success has lead its founders to speculate about the future even more, Elle explains, “Twipes wants to be the umbrella company over all these eco-friendly products.”

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