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Dodi Kazma is a creative consultant and designer and is currently focused on building her own creative consultancy and fashion label business. She attended University for the Creative Arts in Epsom and the Enterprise School with UCA.

Her interest in enterprise and entrepreneurship came from, “Being in an enterprising family, I always had an interest in entrepreneurship and creativity whilst growing up. Since doing my bachelor’s degree in Fashion at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom and attending the Enterprise Summer School with UCA and UoS, my passion for bridging the gap between creativity and entrepreneurship started. I also became very involved with NACUE and the SU when I was a student and that have helped me meet and surround myself by inspiring and enterprising people.”

When asked about the impact of entrepreneurship on her journey toward her current profession, she says, “I have always had the passion to create and start something up. However, starting something up can take time and does not happen overnight, so my entrepreneurial journey has been very interesting. Since graduating from university back in 2014 I have had various jobs in industry as well as freelancing. I have worked in different sectors in FMGG, education and retail to start-ups and tech. I am now focusing on entrepreneurship and building my creative consultancy and fashion label business.”

Her involvement as President of UCA Student’s Union lead to, “Realising the potential of collaboration and the diverse skillset people can bring to the table when they work together has been an amazing experience. I strongly believe the more we can work together and be inclusive, the more enterprising we can be.”

She expresses how, “NACUE has been one of the most important influences in my entrepreneurial life. The support and knowledge I received when I was a student is invaluable.”

Her highlight from her days in a student-led society is, “When I became a Campus President at UCASU and worked with other SU members and departments at UCA to put ‘enterprise’ on the university’s agenda as well as introducing UCA to NACUE to become partners.”

Her top advice for young ambitious entrepreneurs pursuing their own business is, “It’s exciting, it’s fun and can definitely be a bit frustrating sometimes. Starting a successful business is not as easy as 1+1=2, so my advice would be to take your time when starting up and to plan carefully. It is not about setting up a business as quickly as possible, but about doing things in the right way, at the right time as well as surrounding yourself with the right people in both your personal and professional life.”

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