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Building a fashion online community

Jenny Liu came on board to Bomb Petite in 2016. With previous experience working in the fashion industry, she saw an opportunity to appeal to a market that she felt wasn’t receiving the attention it deserved. Jenny explained this, “When I was in these big offices, our feedback from our clients was always that our stuff isn’t fitting our clients in Asia and that’s a huge market.” Jenny continued to explain that she felt as though herself and her former employer should do something for these clients. However, she explained: “The pushback was always, ‘yeah well, they should accommodate to what we do’.” This lack of service to petite clients, particularly those in the Asian market, showed Jenny a real opportunity in a niche market. She described this market as “Niche that is not so niche. This is 50% of the female population. How is that niche?”. After coming on board, Jenny brought on five designers within three months and shortly after became the owner of Bomb Petite.

Bomb Petite not only functions as a marketplace for petite women, but also as a fashion community. Jenny referenced the online community, saying “Without it, it (Bomb Petite) doesn’t exist.” Even though Bomb Petite is also a marketplace, Jenny acknowledged that at the moment it is definitely more of an online community.

Jenny mentioned that during her experience with Varsity Pitch, the creation of the video for the application process proved to be beneficial and mentioned the benefit of being able to reformat that same video for other competitions. Jenny also touched on the speed of the competition, “It was quick to be honest, you plan, you schedule, you practice and then it’s gone.” In addition to this, boot camp played a major role in Bomb Petite’s Varsity Pitch experience, explaining “It aided my professional analysis as well as visually with my presentation.” When asked if she would recommend Varsity Pitch to other startups, Jenny responded:

“Definitely. It’s a bridge to build up your confidence. You know the boot-camp is a major difference [to other competitions] and to have that is priceless.”

Jenny, and Bomb Petite look to continue to grow in the next year with a goal of bringing in new designers, as well as solving their logistics problem as far as shipping all over the world. Their next step? To branch out into the US market as soon as possible.

Written by Peter Seville

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