Hamish McLaren is a young entrepreneur in Australia, with experience in extensive travel and photography.

Most smartphones these days are amazing pieces of technology that surpass even professional cameras from the 1980s and earlier. However, all of that tech doesn’t mean a whole lot if you can’t make it work for you. Luckily today’s smartphones are also easier to use than ever, and you can turn out a video that looks practically professional with only a little practice and some tech tips.

Plan a Script

The first key to a good one-minute video is to properly plan out your video in advance. It…

Over the course of three days students, graduates and entrepreneurs from across the UK congregated for NACUE’s Student Enterprise Conference 2021. Now in its 12th year, this year’s conference was taken online for first time on Hopin, in collaboration with Aston University, De Montfort University and University of Westminster.

This year, #SEC2021 was ran over the course of three days, with over 450 registered eager attendees from four continents Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa.

More than just a series of talks…

#SEC2021 offered delegates a variety of sessions to attend. From inspirational talks to insightful panel discussions, networking to…

On Friday November 20th, headline sponsor Tata Ltd, partners and attendees witnessed another outstanding virtual Tata Varsity Pitch Competition Grand Final, powered by NACUE. The online event was held in partnership with Digital Catapult. Our seven finalists had already faced intense competition at this year’s semi-finals as they battled it out to win the grand prize of £15,000 equity free funding.

The semi-finals were judged by companies within the Tata group including colleagues from Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Communications, Tata Consultancy Services and Tata Consumer Products. …

The virtual 2-day Bootcamp of the Tata Varsity Pitch Competition 2020, powered by NACUE, took place last week on Monday 26th October and Tuesday 27th October 2020.

Emma Obanye began her journey as an entrepreneur when she sold her first business BuddyBounce to Crowdmix in 2016, after raising £400,000 to build it. Since then, Emma has grown businesses Mindful Team and The Retrospective Game. Emma is now Head of Delivery of OneTech at Capital Enterprise.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur and start your own business?

The female role models in my life normalised business and showed me that entrepreneurship was something I could do. My Mum had a side hustle fabric business and a catering one at one point too. My older sister talked to…

The virtual semi-finals of the Tata Varsity Pitch Competition 2020, powered by NACUE, took place on Thursday 15th October 2020, for six places in the Grand Final, a chance to win £15,000 equity free and a coveted national title. This year’s Tata Varsity Pitch Competition 2020 saw a record of 604 entries!

Thirty participant businesses were selected to pitch in six designated categories, each had just two minutes to pitch their business followed by a five minutes Q&A session with the category judges. The judging panel altered with each category to ensure the semi-finalists were being judged by relevant Tata…

Kay Kukoyi CSM FITOL is a Software Delivery Specialist, global tech startup mentor, author, speaker, and lecturer. She has written 5 books for entrepreneurs and SMEs, including the Amazon international bestseller, Don’t Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book, and has been recognised on the #IB100, the Financial Times and Inclusive Boards list of the 100 Most Influential BAME Leaders in the UK Technology Sector. Kay is the CEO and Founder of Purposeful Group, which encompasses several brands that support and empower thousands of entrepreneurs around the world through books, mentoring, masterclass workshops, programmes and on and offline…

A Guest Blog by Jessica Stone

Technology is one of the reasons that the world is growing this fast, it has made life easier for thousands of individuals, but during the times of COVID-19 not only it has helped people in the business sector but also the education sector. With the Covid-19 accelerating at a higher pace, all educational institutes have been shut down for a while now, to control the pandemic situation. It was also the appropriate and necessary measure for the students and the staff’s safety. But education wasn’t put on hold, as it was shifted on the virtual school model.

Online applications can…

Rachael Corson is the Co-founding Director of Afrocenchix Ltd, a sustainable and ethical brand challenging beauty standards to provide safe products for black and mixed heritage women.

With a background in trichology, Rachael also spends her time writing myth busting blogs about afro hair and running Hair Care 101 workshops to educate our community and promote good afro-hair practices.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur and start your own business?

Afrocenchix began when Joycelyn and I met at the University of Birmingham in 2008. She was studying sociology, I was studying Law and we bonded over our frustrations about afro hair products that just didn’t work.

On Tuesday the 11th of August, NACUE hosted a Q&A Webinar session the Tata Varsity Pitch Competition #VP2020.

It gave potential applicants the opportunity to clear up any burning questions they had, whilst also being able to receive advice from Tata.

Below is a summary of the answers shared.

Are there categories that are less popular?

It’s not so much about which categories are more or less popular but rather which are most relevant. For example, if you apply to a category that’s not relevant then you’re not going to get through anyway. …


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